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At first light, lay proud foundations.

Although i'm not exactly sure when i started to have these feelings of submissiveness, i seem to think it might have had something to do with an episode of The Love Boat i had seen when i was about 5-years old. i can't even remember what the episode was about, but a seed was planted somewhere in my subconscious which took root and really seems to have taken hold of me in the past few years. After much time was spent trying to understand these thoughts i was having, i have come to realize that my true place is in submission under the firm heel of a Dominant Woman, allowing Her to own, train and discipline me as She sees fit.

i long to be the creature that unwittingly stumbles into the silken web of the Black Widow, allowing Her to trap and bind me with Her silk and to feed off my submissiveness; my weakness making Her stronger. i hope to surrender to the whims of the Superior Female so i may serve Her needs and accept Her training and discipline, allowing Her to own and control me as a loyal inferior.

This is the beginning of my journey and exploration into a side of myself i have ignored for so long. i honestly don't know what to expect to find along my travels, but i hope it's something like happiness and fulfilment - and maybe i'll even meet a few interesting P/people along the way.
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