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curiousmalesub's Journal

7 October
(I swear, I'll have a new profile written one of these days - but until then, here's my old one)

After years of curiosity, I have come to realize that my true place is in submission under the firm heel of a Dominant Woman, becoming Hers to own, train and discipline me as She sees fit. I am a senior web designer who loves cooking, grocery shopping, cute animals, indie music and independent films. I always feel a particular weakness and vulnerability when I am in the presence of a commanding Woman. Although I am inexperienced when it comes to acts of submission and servitude, I am more than willing to test and explore my limits whatever activities I am told to engage in. Activities that intrigue me include but are not limited to: being tied up and restrained, (rendered completely helpeless), cock and ball (It is both exciting and frightening to know how vulnerable male genitalia is to One who can inflict whatever punishments She wants on them), spanking, flogging, whipping, CFNm, pain, forced chastity, behaviour control/modification, not knowing what's coming next, domestic slavery, as well as strap-on play - the ultimate role-reversal where the male bitch is put in his place and then conquered and humiliated. I am not interested in anything to do with excrement, blood, moneydommes, animals or children.

I'm hoping to find a local-area Dominant Woman in my age range who will trap me in Her web and force me to surrender to Her whims; instructing me in the ways of becoming a proper submissive male so that I may serve Her better. Someone who is down-to-earth and playful, yet strict and sadistic with a twisted sense of humour. I would like to meet Someone who shares a need to have a discrete D/s relationship and also likes going to movies, concerts, zoos (I love animals), fetish parties, or just staying in - but I would be happy in doing whatever She wants to do. I would be happy to hear from/chat with A/anyone who has an interest in the same things. I live in Burlington, on the edge of Hamilton - since I get quite a bit of correspondence from Dommes in the downtown Toronto area, keep in mind that I may be too far away to realistically serve during the work week.

"All men need something greater than themselves to look up to and worship. They must be able to touch the divine here on earth." - Walsingham
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