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Houseboy in training?

I had my first experience as a houseboy the other day.. another exciting step in exploring my submissiveness, and a chance to add some more qualifications to my resumé. It's been five years since I first became interested in service and submission, and sometimes it feels like I'm progressing so slowly - but I am extremely thankful for the opportunity I was given and very much look forward to doing it again! Performing housework was something we had talked about for over a month, and although it was difficult to find a weekend that worked out for the both of us, it finally did happen.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was at the gym when I received a text message summoning me into Toronto (OK, so it was a lot more casual than being summoned, but it makes it sound more like a ritual when it comes out that way!). Her message indicated that the big tasks of the day would include laundry and helping to clean a room. My expectations for the evening were that I would be like Tony Danza in "Who's the Boss?", only there would be no question at all about who the Boss really was ;)

Nerve-wracked, stuttery and quivering, I soon appeared on Her doorstep with a bottle of Her favourite wine. I had hoped that she could relax and give occasional direction while I did most of the work, but I knew my inexperience might be a factor in what would happen that evening. Being someone who feels that he does better in the kitchen, I felt intimidated by the task of doing laundry.. since I have ridiculous amounts of closet space in my home, I never really have to fold my clothes and they mostly go on hangers. If I do any folding, it involves nothing but simple t-shirts and the like. I (very) nervously informed Her of my inexperience and unease with the task at hand, and I was relieved that She was willing to show me how She prefers to have things done, instead of just kicking me to the curb.

In the end, I felt bad that She ended up having to do a lot of the work along with me, but we both knew it was a learning experience for me, in a way.. and I was pleased that I could help Her out in any way at all! I was asked to do some things that I had never done before, or if I could do them, I was doing them wrong or inefficiently (or just not Her way - the right way). For the next time, I am going to try my hardest to learn how to perform these tasks properly and more efficiently.. I find that Youtube can be very helpful in that way :)
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